1. gwern

    What exactly am I looking at here?

    • johnfuerst

      This was discussed elsewhere. Shown is the percentage of White General Social Survey 2012 respondents (by wordsum scores) who answered “yes” to the following question:
      On the average (negroes/blacks/African-Americans) have worse jobs, income, and housing than white people. Do you think these differences are: b. Because most (negroes/blacks/African-Americans) have less in-born ability to learn?…
      See here:

  2. gwern

    I see, thanks. (Perhaps the discussion elsewhere is what should have been linked in the latest post, rather than straight to a graph with zero context and which is not self-explanatory.)

    • johnfuerst

      it wasn’t that big of a point and i didn’t want to link to my prolish blog. and everyone that i was writing to will get it. inside baseball.

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