Introducing myself : Meng Hu

I don’t know where to begin. If I have to introduce myself I could say that I’m chinese, that my english is awful, that no one knows who I am, and that the average reader of this blog is probably much older than me. Also, it is clear that Jason Malloy and John Fuerst have followed the IQ-race debate for many years now and I am not as knowledgeable as they are – far from it – but knowledgeable enough to write this. To be honest, around two years ago I didn’t even know that blacks have a lower cognitive ability than any other races, as assessed by IQ tests, until I came across this paper “Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability” – in February/March 2011 if I remember correctly. This has caused a stir in my mind, and struck my curiosity. Since that day, I wanted to be better informed, collecting information and data that either reject or confirm the theory posited by the hereditarians. Gradually I was moving to the dark side. You could say I am a hereditarian now.

Among all the books and papers I have read so far, I would highly recommend Arthur Jensen (e.g., The g Factor, Educability & Group Differences, Bias in Mental Testing). I think he is the one who has made the most devastating criticisms against the environmental-cultural hypothesis, and James Flynn being the toughest opponent of the hereditarian side. I am not particularly interested in the consequences of the victory of one side over the other, but if I have to say a word about my political view, which is not worth discussing, the only thing I would say is that no one (and even asians – at least those who live in western countries) would agree with me. I indeed see all the advantages of an ethnically homogeneous country, regardless of the tenability of the “race realism” thesis, which has become my new obsession. My goal in joining this blog is to pursue what I was constantly trying to succeed in for these two last years : refuting the race realism case. And I have not yet succeeded.


  1. Larson

    Looks like we’ve been on the same journey.
    Welcome! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts šŸ™‚

  2. ilcontrarian

    I was following Menghu.. great blog, it’s a shame it has been taken down by WordPress.

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