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Greetings! I’m one of the editors of the HBD Bibliography. I became interested in HBD about five years ago, began to read widely in the field, and started to maintain a bibliography of things I had read (a habit from grad school). I shared this bibliography with others, and we decided to put it on line so others could benefit from it. I do not claim to be an expert on HBD; the bibliography is part of my learning experience as well. After we had put the bibliography online, we received many emails from people suggesting materials, so the bibliography has grown at least tenfold in size. While we don’t agree with every book or article on the bibliography, we put them out there so others could benefit from them. There are hyperlinks for all the books, articles and blog posts on the reading list. Many of the journal articles and books have hyperlinks to free PDFs on various websites. If you can think of anything that should be added or corrections that should be made, please email them to Please also email new articles, blog posts and books. We’ll typically tweet blog posts (to our 2,500 followers), and tweet and add to the bibliography books and articles. (We’re trying to cut back on adding blog posts to the bibliography, unless they’re exceptional.) I hope you enjoy. Please share the bibliography with friends and colleagues.